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Portfolio Detail Shortcode

Show gallery of portfolio detail, show next / prev project buttons, show categories. Everything with predefined shortcodes.

Portfolio Gallery

[portfolio_gallery slideshow="yes" animation="slide" navigation="yes" autoslide="no" interval=""]
[portfolio_gallery slideshow="yes" animation="fade" navigation="yes" autoslide="no" interval=""]
[portfolio_gallery slideshow="yes" animation="slide" navigation="no" autoslide="yes" interval="6"]
[portfolio_gallery slideshow="no" animation="" navigation="" autoslide="" interval=""]

Portfolio Prev / Next

[portfolio_prev_next prev_text="" next_text="" align="left"]
[portfolio_prev_next prev_text="Previous >" next_text="< Next" align="center"]
[portfolio_prev_next prev_text=">" next_text="<" align="right"]

Portfolio Categories

Eco, General, Iconic, Minimalistic, Print, Typography

[portfolio_categories separator=", " links="yes" align="left"]

Eco | General | Iconic | Minimalistic | Print | Typography

[portfolio_categories separator=" | " links="no" align="center"]

Eco / General / Iconic / Minimalistic / Print / Typography

[portfolio_categories separator=" / " links="yes" align="right"]